Levels of Listening


There is probably no more important skill in any relationship than listening. Listening is THE most important tool to pastoral care.  Listening skills can be learned and developed. Even good listeners can benefit from deeper levels of training. This three hour workshop for Clergy and congregants of any faith tradition includes teachings on multiple levels of listening. It includes skill building practice and discussion.

9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday June 6th

Bring a bag lunch.

Also offered on-line. Call for details. 

Instructor:        The Rev. Dr. Lynn Acquafondata, is licensed mental health counselor with Pastoral and Family Systems Counseling, and                                    Crossbridge Wellness Affiliates, and owner of Congremap: Congregational Systems Consulting. She has served                                                        congregations and has worked as a hospice and hospital chaplain.

Participants:    For clergy and congregants of any faith. 

Location: Crossbridge Wellness Affiliates in Crossbridge Office Park, 2000 S. Winton Rd., Building 4, First Floor.

                      And On-line

Cost: $75    (Continuing education certificates available on request. )

Registration:    Contact Rev. Dr. Lynn at 585-330-1340 [email protected]

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