Clergy Workshop On-line

Pastoral and Family Systems Workshop Series for Clergy 


Days/Times 1:30-3:30   Feb. 18, March 17, April 21   (Optional extra session May 19)

Instructor The Rev. Dr. Lynn Acquafondata, is licensed mental health counselor in private practice in Rochester, NY, and owner of Congremap: Congregational Systems Consulting. She has served congregations and has worked as a hospice and hospital chaplain.

Participants:  For clergy of any faith.  Group will not exceed six people per session.

Location: On-line by Zoom. AND in person at Crossbridge Wellness Affiliates, 2000 S.
Winton Rd. Building 4, First Floor. Rochester, NY.

Topics: Topics will be chosen by participants from the following list:

  • Boundary setting
  • The Benefits and Drawbacks of Emotional Triangles
  • Managing Personal Stress and Reactivity in Order to be Fully Present
  • Healthy Communication: Levels of Listening
  • Using Questions Effectively in Pastoral Care
  • Thinking Systemically
  • Self-Differentiation (for self and encouraging in others)
  • Identifying and Managing Anxiety in Self and Others
  • Healthy Communication: Conflict Resolution

Format: First hour: Instruction, skill building and facilitated discussion around specific teachings.

Second hour:   Seminar format in which clergy describe situations in your own congregations that you want                                                                                                   guidance on.. Clergy will keep identifies of congregants private to the best of your ability and                                                                                                 group  will adhere to strict confidentiality.

Cost: $135 for first three, $45 for additional session

 Continuing education certificates available on request.


Contact Rev. Dr. Lynn at 585-330-1340 [email protected]

            On-line Platform Details:  The on-line meeting platform Secure Video is HIPPA compliant which means it will protect your privacy during confidential discussions. 

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