Clergy Workshop On-line

Understanding and Managing Systems for Effective Leadership


Days/Times           9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday October 9, 2021 


  • An engaging and interactive review of how basic systems concepts apply to families and churches.
  • How to think systemically 
  • How self-differentiation can enhance functioning and how to build it in self and others  
  • An in-depth study of emotional triangles including how to understand and manage benefits, drawbacks and power-dynamics in triangles

Instructor The Rev. Dr. Lynn Acquafondata, is licensed mental health counselor in private practice in Rochester, NY, and owner of Congremap: Congregational Systems Consulting. She has served congregations and has worked as a hospice and hospital chaplain.

Participants:  For clergy of any faith.  

Location: On-line via Secure Video, an online conference systems with privacy protection, AND in person at                                                         Crossbridge Wellness Affiliates, 2000 S. Winton Rd.                                                                         

Cost:                           $110 per person, group discount available  Continuing education certificates available on request.


Contact Rev. Dr. Lynn at 585-330-1340 [email protected]


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