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  • Personal Names and Emotional Health
    Names tell a story of individuality and connection, self-differentiation. One character from our ongoing story, Tom Angelo sensed this in his gut when he asked people to stop calling him Tom and to use his birth name, Tomasso. The change affected his identity at a deep, unspoken level and helped him become the man he aspired to be. Read more
  • What Makes a Healthy Conversation? The Ideal Point of Self-Differentiation.
    A healthy conversation balances individuality and connection, but the ideal point of self-differentiation isn’t as clear cut as Murray Bowen’s model assumes. Read more
  • Self-Differentiation Is On The Horizon
    Like the horizon of a beautiful skyline, healthy self-differentiation depends on the environment and on the perspective of the observer. How can we balance connection and independence to reach healthy self-differentiation? Read more

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