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  • Spinning the Center: Seeing Multiple Truths
    Some see her turning clockwise, others counterclockwise. A secret tool makes it possible to observe her turn in both directions. That tool may allow you to see both truths in this Read more
  • Why Me?
    Sometimes we use all the most appropriate approaches to face both systemic and personal anxiety, but a deeper angst lies beneath it all. “Eddi07Textures” by Eddi Van W. courtesy of Flickr Creative Read more
  • To Feel Or Not To Feel
    The outcome of a meeting matters a lot, but people have different perspectives on how to handle the issues. One person raises his voice, another speaks even louder and soon Read more
  • Managing Anxiety Through Action
    Imagine you already have a full schedule. The secretary tells you that the board chair complained to him about your leadership approach regarding an important project you are facilitating. You Read more
  • Bringing Your Brain to the Rescue
    I was excited about the opportunity to present a class at my church. I had put a lot of time and care into preparing it, but when the time came Read more
  • Rising from the Ashes
    At their best, churches strengthen individuals, families and communities, and make the world a better place for all people. At their worst, unfortunately the opposite can happen. Too many times our Read more
  • Breathe, Move, Relax, Nourish: Using Your Body to Manage Anxiety
    Like athletes, good leaders benefit by getting their bodies ready for difficult or stressful situations. When there is a lot of change or conflict taking place in an organization, leaders can Read more
  • Eleven Tools of a Grounding Leader (Non-anxious presence)
    How can you lead a congregation without feeling anxiety? You can’t. No one lives life or leads anything without some anxiety.  However, we can all learn to manage and direct our Read more
  • The Flow of Anxiety
    A major budget deficit can cause anxiety in any congregation. Diagramming the flow of anxiety can help leaders understand and manage that anxiety.One church I worked with faced a $40,000 Read more
  • Relationship Geometry
    Drawing mathematical pictures can help to figure out challenging relationship issues. One of the basic units of human interaction is the relationship triangle as discussed in “Relationship Triangles” and “When One Read more
  • Figuring it Out with Lists and Charts
    When the mathematics of human interactions don’t add up, write it down to figure it out. Most of us wouldn’t think of doing math without writing down numbers and figures or making a Read more
  • When One Plus One Equals Three
    In scientific math “one” always means a single item, whether it’s an apple, a dog, a tree or a unit of measure like inches or teaspoons. The shortest distance between the Read more
  • Through the Generations
    In what ways are you like your parents and grandparents? I have the short stature of my father’s mother, facial features like my mother, eye color like my father. I also Read more
  • It’s All Your Fault
    Sometimes it is obvious who the problem person is in a family or a congregation. Everything would be just fine if we could just fix the troubled child in the Read more
  • Congogram Counseling: Examine, Identify, Create
    With one click you can spend 45 minutes with the Congogram’s developer, the Rev. Dr. Lynn Acquafondata, in this recorded webinar. She introduces this innovative visual mapping tool and the Read more
  • Repetition of the Good and the Bad
    Have you ever been in a situation that felt uncomfortably familiar? Different people, different setting, different point in your life, but somehow eerily similar. The emotions, such as a sense of Read more

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