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  • Creating a Non-Anxious Disaster in Five Steps
    None of us sets out to fail when we start projects, create programs and engage in human relationships, but we all do mess up from time to time. That’s why Read more
  • What is Ministry?
    Written for the ordination the Reverend Michelle Yates George 11/1/15 It does not take ordination to make you a minister. You are already in so many ways a minister. And yet there Read more
  • The Systems Paradox
    A systems perspective emphasizes both interconnections and communal ownership, as well as individual responsibility in organizations and families. Individuals do not act, interact and respond in isolation, but as part of Read more
  • When You Become Stuck, Play!
    Have you ever been stuck in life? Maybe you kept repeating the same conflictual patterns with a partner or family member. Or you faced a complex situation and could see Read more
  • An Over-Functioner’s Guide: Getting Others to Work
    What if you are the person in your organization who takes on more responsibility for getting things done than anyone else? What if you are tired? Here are strategies to Read more
  • Get Rid of the Disruptive Member? Nine Techniques to Address the Issue.
    Many congregations face the challenge of a disruptive member. Here are some good guidelines to follow in deciding how to respond, keeping in mind that not every situation is equal.  A Read more
  • Playing With the Roles of Leadership
    In one day you may see me in multiple outfits including a blouse and dress pants, a tank top and shorts, a skirt and jacket, a robe and stole, or Read more
  • The Forces Behind An Organizational Storm
    An organization receives a large inheritance or a grant, but instead of celebration, leadership tensions emerge. The organization could be a congregation, a business, a civic group, a social organization Read more
  • Using Self-Reflection to Change Systems
    Systems are created over time by groups of people. However, they can be changed here and now by you. What a paradox! Systems don’t change unless individual people change. The only Read more
  • Spinning the Center: Seeing Multiple Truths
    Some see her turning clockwise, others counterclockwise. A secret tool makes it possible to observe her turn in both directions. That tool may allow you to see both truths in this Read more
  • Why Me?
    Sometimes we use all the most appropriate approaches to face both systemic and personal anxiety, but a deeper angst lies beneath it all. “Eddi07Textures” by Eddi Van W. courtesy of Flickr Creative Read more
  • To Feel Or Not To Feel
    The outcome of a meeting matters a lot, but people have different perspectives on how to handle the issues. One person raises his voice, another speaks even louder and soon Read more
  • Managing Anxiety Through Action
    Imagine you already have a full schedule. The secretary tells you that the board chair complained to him about your leadership approach regarding an important project you are facilitating. You Read more
  • Bringing Your Brain to the Rescue
    I was excited about the opportunity to present a class at my church. I had put a lot of time and care into preparing it, but when the time came Read more
  • Rising from the Ashes
    At their best, churches strengthen individuals, families and communities, and make the world a better place for all people. At their worst, unfortunately the opposite can happen. Too many times our Read more
  • Breathe, Move, Relax, Nourish: Using Your Body to Manage Anxiety
    Like athletes, good leaders benefit by getting their bodies ready for difficult or stressful situations. When there is a lot of change or conflict taking place in an organization, leaders can Read more

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