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The Meeting of Truth and Love

"Speaking the truth is so very hard because it is a risk, it takes time, and it takes love. It is so very important because sharing our truths, on all sorts of levels, is at the heart of our faith.  I learn from you, you learn from me.  We can only do this by daring to walk that fine line where truth and love meet.”

the Reverend Martha L. Munson (April 24, 1953-July 2, 2017)

Prayer for the Meeting of Truth and Love

By Lynn M. Acqufondata

Spirit of life we come to you weighed down with grief, struggling to make sense of the fractured pieces of our world.  A life ended too soon for our broken hearts. A soul broken apart with the wounds of generations we could not repair.

We cry with the pain of the ages that cycles through time. Our family, our people, all people, ourselves.

God, guide us in walking the fine line of healing where truth and love meet.

Where is the truth?

Why is your truth so different from mine?

Will the truth break us apart like a glass shattering to the floor, or will it break us open like a seed preparing to bloom?

When truth breaks us, God, help us to bleed the spiritual and emotional pain in your presence. Holding our family close, binding our people together, cradling all people with love, wrapping ourselves in compassion.

When truth scares us, guide us in supporting and loving each other.

When truth threatens to destroy us, encourage us to love ourselves.

God help us to risk speaking the truth.

God help us to risk hearing the truths we do not understand and those we fear to acknowledge

To our family, to our people, to all people, to ourselves.

With love give us the courage to face difficult truths.

With love give us strength to speak, to act, to listen, to forgive and to let go.

Together may we become the hands and the voices of the loving God for our family, for our people, for all people, for ourselves, bringing light to the generations.

July 15, 2017

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