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What’s in a name? Introducing Congremap

Meet Congremap: Congregational Systems Consulting. The new name, Congremap, sums up the mission better than the previous name. Congogram was intended to connect to a family systems tool called a Genogram, but most people imagined drums in the jungle.

Congregations: Congremap is a service for congregations, including churches of any denomination, synagogues, meeting houses and temples. It is particularly beneficial for congregations struggling with transition, conflict or overcoming trauma. However some of the tools and workshops can be used to strengthen healthy congregations. The Congremap process leads to increased communication, an ability to manage tension and conflict effectively, and enhancement of relational strengths.

Maps and Diagrams: Congremap uses visual mapping tools for various purposes including diagramming the past and present, and working with members to create a written plan to guide a congregation to a vibrant and healthy future.

Systems: Congremap: Congregational Systems Consulting uses a family and congregational systems model drawing from and expanding on the work of people such as Murray Bowen, Edwin Friedman and Peter Steinke.

Consulting: Congremap: Congregational Systems Consulting brings an outside consultant to work on-site with a particular congregation. As a consultant, I bring my experience and training as an ordained clergyperson and a licensed mental health counselor to:
• Present workshops to congregations on relational issues, conflict resolution, leadership tools, self-care, mental health issues and grief.
• Consult with congregational leaders to resolve specific issues.
• Provide programming for leadership retreats.
• Guide a congregation in creating a Relational Revitalization Action Plan which grows out of a six to eight month systems study including individual, small group and large group sessions, a detailed set of Congremap diagrams portraying the emotional systems in a particular church or synagogue, and a detailed written analysis of the congregation.
The processes and tools I’ve developed are informed and inspired by my own ministry to churches as well as my work leading therapeutic counseling groups in my private practice as a mental health counselor.

Congremap workshops include such topics as:

“All in a System: The Power of Church and Family”

“How to Be a Grounding Presence in an Anxious System”

“Conflict Resolutions Basics”

“Self-care for the Congregations”

“The Present Through New Eyes”, creative self-reflection on the strengths and challenges facing your congregation

“Coping Effectively with Disruptive Mental Health Issues in the Congregation”

“Taking Care of Mind, Body and Spirit”

“Setting Boundaries in Challenging Situations”

For more information or to schedule an informational coffee meeting call Rev. Dr. Lynn Acquafondata at 585-330-1340.

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