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Spinning the Center: Seeing Multiple Truths

Some see her turning clockwise, others counterclockwise.

A secret tool makes it possible to observe her turn in both directions. That tool may allow you to see both truths in this image.

But what really matters is that this secret can teach you to see multiple truths in real life situations. It may even help you to understand and appreciate viewpoints that confounded you in the past.

To access the secret tool, you need to be aware that in dancing all movement comes from the core. The core is the physical power center of the body, in the torso, including abdomen, lower and mid back.

Focus on the energy at dancer’s core in the image. Allow the motion to stop for one split second as you identify the still point at the center of that energy. It is from there, that multiple options are possible.

Once you find this point, you can observe the energy shift and flow in the opposite direction. (If you are having trouble, try using your hand to cover the arms and legs to decrease distractions, or try putting your finger on the dancer’s core.)

You aren’t really changing the movement. It is there. Nothing actually changes except your perspective, but it makes a world of difference.Now think about your own life.

The same principle is true of yourself in relation to any system you belong to whether it is family, work, school, church, any religious or spiritual community, a team or a social group.

Find your center. What are those core values and principles that do not depend on what other people think or say or do? What is the essence of your being that isn’t changed by the way other people spin around you, nor by the mundane or chaotic happenings of the world?

Now envision placing that spiritual center, what truly matters, what defines you and your existence, directly in the center of your physical core.

Hold your attention there in that point of stillness at the center of your being for a few seconds, a few minutes or a couple of hours.At this point you will be physically, spiritually and emotionally centered.

This is what it means to be grounded. You know what matters, even if only for a moment. From this point, you can allow yourself to observe the world from diverse perspectives.

For example, a leader sees someone struggling and changes a policy. Is the leader calculating or compassionate?

Someone complains that a project has not achieved the expected goal. Is this descriptive or reactive? A friend or family member weeps as he shares a recent experience. Is he strong or vulnerable?

Your company decides to move your job out of state. Is this an exciting opportunity or a painful loss?

In each example, can you see the truth and the value in both perspectives? Are there additional valid viewpoints?When you find the stillness and the power at the center your being, and allow the energy to shift, a lot is possible. It is from here that we can both bless and change the world.

This is what the Congogram Process does. It both grounds people and expands their perspectives. Participants learn to see the Present Moment Through New Eyes .

From this renewed understanding of identity, life’s challenges take on a revitalized form and people can begin to see promising ways forward.

With the Congogram, people learn to “Examine the Past, Identify Patterns in the Present and Create a Vital Future”. Start the journey now with our self-study courses, or call 585-330-1340 for information about our workshops and individual counseling.

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