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Rising from the Ashes

At their best, churches strengthen individuals, families and communities, and make the world a better place for all people. At their worst, unfortunately the opposite can happen.

Too many times our religious institutions become places of disappointment, conflict and hurt.

Why? How can we prevent this?

There are many reasons why this happens, but all of them involve the emotional systems of congregations which includes the ways that people act, react and interact in a particular system, and how that is passed on through the generations

Congogram helps religious communities live up to their ideals by guiding clergy and lay leaders in constructive and healing processes when they fall short, and by strengthening the systemic roots of churches, and other religious institutions.

Congogram helps religious organizations get unstuck from difficult problems and challenging situations using an intensive counseling process focusing on emotional systems within the congregation.

This Congogram Counseling Process examines and maps emotional systems in the past in order to understand and identify patterns in the present. The process leads to creation of a vital future by helping leaders make informed and thoughtful choices and setting clear goals.

The name Congogram comes from the innovative tool used to diagram the emotional systems in congregations.

The Congogram does for church systems what Genogram diagrams do for family systems. Visual tools like these gather complex information and simplify it, so it can be easily grasped by the eye, and quickly processed in the brain, making it easier to identify and work with patterns.

For more information on both the Genogram and the Congogram, and to create your own diagrams click here.

The Congogram Process leads to the formation of an emotional systems action plandesigned to strengthen and heal the emotional systems in a congregation. This work takes place on site with one church over a six month period, and includes sessions with leaders, individuals, small groups and the whole congregation.

This process is especially beneficial for congregations experiencing:

  • Transition, for example, leadership change, or physical move
  • Serious conflict between groups or leaders
  • Preparation for a new challenge
  • Trauma in past or present, for example, sexual abuse by leader, sudden death of a pastor, tragedy in congregation
  • Strong negative energy, for example, conflictual, stagnant, indecisive….

The Congogram can help any congregation to intentionally develop its full positive potential. It takes only one person to begin the process.

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