How To Discern Power Dynamics in Your Relationshipsd

Examine, Identify, Create, Transform

Congremap innovatively guides congregations in managing conflict or transition, overcoming trauma, or strengthening a healthy system. This work moves congregations into a vibrant and healthy future by improving communication, developing skills to manage tension and conflict effectively, and enhancing relational strengths.

The Congremap consultant is available to:

  • Lead on-site processes to resolve issues of conflict, trauma or transition in congregations
  • Present workshops for clergy, churches and other congregations 
  • Teach  clergy continuing education classes in person and on-line
  • Provide one on one clergy coaching
  • Provide programming for leadership retreats for churches and congregations

For more information on availability and pricing call Rev. Lynn at (585) 330-1340


Managing Systemic Anxiety: Fourteen Tools of a Grounding Leader

By Lynn M. Acquafondata

These Tools of a Grounding Leader can help us to lower anxiety. When used by anyone who has a leadership role in groups or organizations, the benefits spread through the system. 


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