How To Discern Power Dynamics in Your Relationshipsd

Examine, Identify, Create, Transform

Congremap innovatively guides congregations in managing conflict or transition, overcoming trauma, or strengthening a healthy system. This work moves congregations into a vibrant and healthy future by improving communication, developing skills to manage tension and conflict effectively, and enhancing relational strengths.

The Congremap consultant is available to:

  • Lead on-site processes to resolve issues of conflict, trauma or transition in congregations
  • Present workshops for clergy, churches and other congregations 
  • Teach  clergy continuing education classes in person and on-line
  • Provide one on one clergy coaching
  • Provide programming for leadership retreats for churches and congregations

For more information on availability and pricing call Rev. Lynn at (585) 330-1340


The Geometry of Power Dynamics in Family Conflict

By Lynn M. Acquafondata

A dinner table conflict between father and son can hold many layers even when neither person speaks. One between father and daughter may hold even more layers. Why? The simple answer is power dynamics.


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