logo swirl elementA holistic view of your congregation

Congremap innovatively guides congregations in managing conflict or transition, overcoming trauma, or strengthening a healthy system. This work moves congregations into a vibrant and healthy future by improving communication, developing skills to manage tension and conflict effectively, and enhancing relational strengths.

The Congremap consultant is available to:

  • Present workshops to congregations on relational issues, conflict resolution, leadership tools, self-care, mental health issues and grief.
  • Consult with congregational leaders to resolve specific issues.
  • Provide programming for leadership retreats.
  • Guide a congregation in creating a Relational Revitalization Action Plan which grows out of a six to eight month systems study including individual, small group and large group sessions, a detailed set of Congremap diagrams portraying the emotional systems in a particular church or synagogue, and a detailed written analysis of the congregation.

For more information on availability and pricing call Rev. Lynn at (585) 330-1340.